Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Sight of a God: #HornyHDay Bloghop

Horny Hump Day is a hot blog hop specifically for those who love erotica. Participating authors post three SEXY sentences from their published works or WIP. Click HERE to visit the other authors participating HORNY HUMP DAY.

For my sentences, Kyra from the Valkyrie series gets her first look at one of the Norse Gods:

My eyes trail up Heimdallr’s muscled physique, finally settling on his face. Something in me stirs. My nipples grow harder. 

Sorry lovelies, three sentences is all you get! I feel like such a tease. But if you want to read more and don't want to wait for next Wednesday, Valkyrie Awakening (the second in the Valkyrie series) is available everywhere: 

Amazon / B&N  

Want a free read that is much longer and will give you much more of a taste for the series, starting from the beginning? Check out the Valkyrie Teaser: 

B&N / Kindle

And of course don't forget to click HERE to visit the other authors participating HORNY HUMP DAY.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sexy Spring Fling Blog Hop

With the coming of spring, I'm joining a fantastic group of romance authors in celebrating, well, romance! Celebrate The Spring Fling blog hop with us. Love is in the air, and so is your chance to win a few scorching books, and even a Kindle Fire! Here on my blog you have a chance to win Valkyrie Slumbering, the first novella in my Valkyrie series. The really fun part is, you can win something different from each fabulous author on the hop, so be sure to click on all the links below!

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Spring Fling Blog Hop: March 20-23

1. Jane Wakely  26. Natasha Knight  51. Dawn Marie Hamilton  
2. Sue Lyndon  27. Sheila Dool  52. BethAnn Buehler  
3. Denisea Kampe  28. Celeste Jones  53. Gia Dawn  
4. Joanne C. Berroa  29. Christine Murphy  54. LeTeisha Newton  
5. Rosanna Leo  30. Liv Honeywell  55. Danita Minnis  
6. nora snowdon  31. D.R. Slaten  56. Tara Lain  
7. Renee Rose  32. Morticia Knight  57. Donna Cummings  
8. Patty Devlin  33. In The Pages of a Good Book  58. Beverly Ovalle  
9. V.L. Locey  34. ShapeShifter Seductions  59. E. B. Walters  
10. Cara Bristol  35. E. L. Esch  60. Lisa Chalmers  
11. Sarah Bella  36. Victoria Adams  61. Lorraine Paton  
12. cathy Brockman  37. Daryl Devore  62. Tori Wilder  
13. Patricia Green  38. Sara Daniel  63. Katherine Deane  
14. Jianne Carlo  39. Krista Ames  64. Amanda Bretz  
15. Adaline Raine  40. Lilly VanHorn  65. Jolynn Raymond  
16. Michelle Lowhorn  41. Natasha Blackthorne  66. Kelly Fitzpatrick  
17. Casey McKay  42. Diane Burton  67. Adriana Kraft  
18. Krystal Shannan  43. Zoe Forward  68. Yolanda Ashton  
19. Jana Richards  44. Tara Quan  69. Bitches Be Writin'  
20. Tricia Schneider  45. Kimber Vale  70. Katya Armock  
21. Margo Bond Collins  46. Liza O'Connor  71. Rhonda Laurel  
22. Carol Burnside  47. Louisa Bacio  72. Mia Kerick  
23. Jessica E. Subject  48. Diane Saxon  73. Donna Steele  
24. Stacy Juba  49. Felicity Nichols  74. Alex Jones   
25. Lisabet Sarai  50. Lilly Mac's Blog  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Valkyrie Awakening Has Released!

At last, Valkyrie Awakening, the sequel to Valkyrie Slumbering, has released! This erotic fantasy novella is both longer and much more in depth than it's predecessor, which is part of why it took so long to get through editing. But it's finally out!

For those who haven't read the first one, a FREE excerpt of it (titled Valkyrie Teaser) is available to wet your appetite.

If you like what you read, the first novella, Valkyrie Slumbering, is available in its entirety for only .99 cents!
B&N / Amazon

Here is a bit about Valkyrie Slumbering (novella #1):

After the murder of her father, Kyra's heart is consumed by the need for revenge. The hunt is all that matters. But a chance crossing of paths with the alluring and mysterious Grim threatens to derail her focus and her quest. Something about him draws her in, melts her walls, and speeds her heart. Like her, he is half Alfhiem, but it's more than that. He's funny, considerate, and treats her as an equal even in battle, something most of the Vikings of her native homeland would never do.

Steamy nights is one thing, but Kyra can't allow her heart to become wrapped up with anyone, not until she finds and kills the man who murdered her father. Traveling across the countryside with Grim, though, challenges her resolve in more ways than she thought possible. She still hungers for the hunt but that hunger begins to dim in comparison to the one that grows inside her for Grim.

Creatures that could only be from the legendary land of Midgard interrupt their hunt again and again, creatures that shouldn't exist in this realm. Soon it becomes unclear whether or not Kyra and Grim are the hunters, or the hunted. But who would hunt them, and why?

Here is a bit about Valkyrie Awakening (Novella #2):

Awakening to a new life isn't all Kyra hoped it would be, not when Grim isn't there. With Ragnarok in full swing, he is called away to fight before she even arrives. The majesty of Midgard and the halls of Valhalla dim without him by her side. Letters left by him help her cling to the hope that she'll see him again soon, and that he won't have forgotten her. In the mean time, she'll have to battle her attraction to another einherjar, as well as worse dangers that slither their way inside the very gates of Valhalla.

Available at:

Covers by McCorkle Creations

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Review: Animal Instincts

The premise of this novel drew me in. Just another shifter paranormal this is NOT. Don't pass this one up if you're a fan of paranormal novels.

The mystery and tension kept me hooked. Two different points of view enrich the story and deepen the characters in a very nice way. However, I will say that I did not like how the author shifted from 1st to 3rd person, that was jarring. And yet, it wasn't enough to make me stop reading and didn't ruin the novel for me. It is the only reason it didn't earn four stars though.

This is a very sensual read, definitely for adults, but I wouldn't classify it as erotic. It passed the biggest test: I would read a sequel.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher for an honest review. I was not compensated. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Hot Holidays

Just because it's snowy and cold doesn't mean your holiday can't be hot. In fact, all that atmosphere makes for the perfect snuggling opportunity that can lead to some steamy action that will make your holiday unforgettable. I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful holiday season surrounded by those you love.

My gift to you is a free teaser of my Valkyrie series. Links are below!

This excerpt is appropriate for adults only, as is everything on this site.  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Review: Lace & Lead

I'm not much for the 'damsel in distress' type of story but this one really hooked me. Emma is a fierce little rich girl that has been through hell and back at the hands of her own family. Pierce is an aloof mystery that I was dying to peel the layers from. This book kept me awake late into the night, something that hasn't happened in a long time. I couldn't stop reading! I give it a solid four stars and I would definitely read more by this author. It is a good length novella that is well priced.

Two pet peeves of mine were struck with this one. The cover didn't feel as though it fit the book and neither did the title. Beyond that there isn't anythingI didn't like.

The heat level on this one is hot, though I'd hesitate to call it full fledged erotica. There is one sex scene that is smoking hot but not quite 'eyes wide open'.

Review disclaimer: I received an advanced ARC of Lace & Lead from the publisher through NetGalley. I was not paid in any way for this review beyond the fact that the ARC was provided for free and that did not affect this review in any way. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Sexy Saturday Week 26

Today for #MySexySaturday blog hop I'm revealing the second look at my upcoming erotic fantasy novella, Valkyrie Awakening. We're picking up where last week left off so if you'd like to read it first, click here. Here are my seven paragraphs:

Unable to process it all at once, my mind clings to the mundane.
“I’m naked.”
Oddly, the fact only embarrasses me a little. My new muscles twitch and suddenly my wings wrap around me, hiding my nakedness. A cool breeze blowing off the water far below, dances across my bare ass. All right, so apparently my nakedness isn’t completely covered.
My escort laughs again. “Sorry about that, I should have warned you. The world you came from is a physical one while Asgard is a world of pure energy. They aren’t so different really, but physical items cannot travel from that one to this one,” she explains.
The distant castle draws my eyes gain. “I’ll have to enter Valhalla naked?” I ask, my voice rising in pitch a little.
I’ve never been overly modest, but the thought of entering Valhalla naked makes me want to throw up. My nipples harden in response to the thought, and not in a good way.
My escort smiles and nods her head back in the direction we came from. 

For those who don't know, here is a bit about the hop: Post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words. The choice is yours. It can be from a WIP or something you already have published. Your post should be live by 9 am US Pacific Time on Saturday. Put those lucky 7s to work for you! NOTE: This is a blog hop (which means participants hop around, comment, and promote other participants!) and you need a blog to participate. If you are unsure of how your post should look, look back on past weeks to see what others have done. 

Don't forget to check out all the other titilating entries at the #MySexySaturday link for this week. 

Until book two releases, if you haven't read the first one, Valkyrie Slumbering, yet, you can read the first several steamy chapter of it in all formats at this link. The heat level of this one is off the charts though so adults only!