Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tour Stop at Brigit's Journals

Valkyrie Slumbering, my erotic fantasy, has released! To celebrate, I'm on tour this month. That means shout outs, excerpts, interviews, and giveaways. Today Brigit's Journals is giving me a shout out. I hope you'll stop by to say hi.

You can find Valkyrie Slumbering at:

(more links coming soon)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valkyrie Slumbering has released!

Valkyrie Slumbering, my erotic fantasy novella, has released! It's now available at the following retail locations (more to come soon):

Here is a bit about it:

After the murder of her father, Kyra's heart is consumed by the need for revenge. The hunt is all that matters. But a chance crossing of paths with the alluring and mysterious Grim threatens to derail her focus and her quest. Something about him draws her in, melts her walls, and speeds her heart. Like her, he is half Alfhiem, but it's more than that. He's funny, considerate, and treats her as an equal even in battle, something most of the Vikings of her native homeland would never do.

Steamy nights is one thing, but Kyra can't allow her heart to become wrapped up with anyone, not until she finds and kills the man who murdered her father. Traveling across the countryside with Grim, though, challenges her resolve in more ways than she thought possible. She still hungers for the hunt but that hunger begins to dim in comparison to the one that grows inside her for Grim.

Creatures that could only be from the legendary land of Midgard interrupt their hunt again and again, creatures that shouldn't exist in this realm. Soon it becomes unclear whether or not Kyra and Grim are the hunters, or the hunted. But who would hunt them, and why?

Contains explicit sex.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Elfbitten

Whoo! *fans self* That was moan out-loud hot. Today's review is of Elfbitten by Leila Bryse Sin.

 It earns four flames. With a little tighter editing, less repetitive phrase use, it would have earned four and a half stars. Keep in mind that I judge a book for what it is, not what I would like it to be. So this book may not be for everyone. That said, here is my official review:

A girl's night out to the extreme~at a magic raising sex club no less. Be warned: You'll need a warm partner or a cold shower after this one. Or batteries and a great toy might do the trick. This novella length story introduces us to an interesting world and some sexually voracious characters. I'll never look at elves the same again. Like a good porn, it's light on plot and heavy on the sex, but not in a bad way. I would definitely read more by this author.

At the time of this review this title was free on both Amazon & B&N.

This short novella (48 pages) was free on both Amazon & B&N when I downloaded it.
Includes, m/f sex scenes and sex in public.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Review of Waterfall: Dragon's Fate

Despite conflicting reviews, I decided to give Waterfall by Lacy Danes a shot. And I'm glad I did. Overall, I enjoyed the read. Here is my review:

An original concept set in the rich atmosphere of Victorian era England, based on hot men with dragon's blood in their veins, how could I resist? I loved the whole idea behind the premise. The writing is compelling, the characters are interesting, and the sex is smoking hot.

That said, it had a few issues that kept it at only three and a half flames for me. The writing was choppy and confusing in the beginning, forcing me to re-read sentences. I would have liked to have seen either less characters, or the characters that are in it to be developed deeper. There are a few too many that have very little to do with the plot, though I imagine this novella may be a setup for a future full length novel set in the same world. That said, I liked it enough that I would read another novel set in this world. I would recommend it for readers who enjoy fantasy and erotica.

Under absolutely no control of the author, and therefore not her fault at all (poor thing), the novel was formatted horribly and could have used tighter editing. Shame on the publisher. Good formatting isn't hard these days. The flames earned are in no way effected by the formatting issue.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day To All

Today is like the erotic and romance authors' Halloween or Christmas. So many delicious and fun treats to be had, heart-pounding moments to enjoy, and all in the name of love. The air is alive with it, people are abuzz (some literally depending on the new toy they got for the holiday), and it's hard (for many ;) not to get caught up in the romance of it all. Enjoy your holiday!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Review of An Unexpected Return

I'm a fan of Jessica E. Subject so when I settled in to read this one, I knew I'd be in for a treat. It certainly did not disappoint.

A solid and well earned five flames.
This tale of unexpected and forbidden love starts off smoldering hot and turns up the heat from there. Beginning with a very cleverly escaped betrothal by Prince Aris, the reader is quickly catapulted along with this adventurous prince to the pleasure planet Elatia where the very water is an aphrodisiac. But the prince gets a lot more than he expected after an incredibly hot night with his Adamo (lady schooled in the art of pleasure). The characters were compelling and the story was a smoldering romance.

This novel contains explicit m/f sex.

Note: You may notice that all my reviews are at least three stars. That isn't because I enjoy every book I read. It's because as an author I understand how much hard work others put into their novel and I don't review books that I don't enjoy. My reviews are my honest opinion.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cover Reveal for Valkyrie Slumbering

At last, the cover for my erotic fantasy novella, Valkyrie Slumbering, is ready to be revealed! It's so perfect that it brought tears to my eyes when I first saw it, and stirred everything in me that this novella is intended to stir. ;) This cover was designed by CP Design. And equally exciting news, it's now on Goodreads! You can add it to your lists at this link.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hump Day Hook 2/6

This is a blog hop where participants share one paragraph from a WIP or finished book. For the entire list of participants click on this link. My paragraph is from my soon to be released novella, Valkyrie Slumbering:

“Let me buy ye lunch then,” GrĂ­m suggests as he grasps my hand, slowing down my pace. His hand encases mine completely. My first instinct is to yank away and be free of him, but I stop at the last moment. His grip is light, and though his hand is rough, callused from wielding a sword, it is gentle. In its own way, that is just as scintillating as his probing tongue was a moment ago.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek, don't forget to check out the others! Check us out on Twitter at the #HumpDayHook hashtag. By the way, if you're a writer and you haven't participated in this hop, I highly recommend it. Humpers, if you stop by and comment or follow, I'll be sure to do the same!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Review of Hot Moon Rising

This book was a free read that I downloaded from B&N to get a feel for what Desiree Holt's writing style was like. I'm the type of reader that like's an excerpt or taste of an author's writing before I'll commit.

First and foremost you need to know going into this read that it isn't a novel, or even a novella. Keeping that in mind, I've rated it based on what it was, a short story. In this short story we're introduced to two interesting characters that I'd love to know more about, which means the story did it's job. There is a bit of chemistry, and admittedly a bit too much background story, i.e. telling for such a short piece of work (which is part of the reason it didn't earn four stars from me). But the hot sex scene more than makes up for it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a good feel for how Ms. Holt writes.

Aside from the telling, I didn't like how Charlie sort of stalks Liane, and there is a short bit about what she does when she's a wolf to him that made me a bit queasy. There isn't bestiality in this, but there is a hint of him being attracted to her as a wolf and her licking him, that I didn't particularly like. These few hangups make me hesitant to try the author's other works, but the sex was hot enough that I may give one of her books a shot to see if the other issues don't follow into her novel-length works.

About Hot Moon Rising:

In Line of Sight, Charlie Aquino had trouble believing his partner, Jesse Farrell, fell in love with a shapeshifter. Now he's drawn to one himself, Liane Cosa, a woman who makes his blood boil, his body hard, and erotic images scream in his brain. One hot night, beneath a full moon, they finally come together, indulging themselves in an orgy of unbridled lust where anything goes. But what will happen when the moon finally sets and daylight creeps up on them?

On B&N and Amazon it is currently free.