Friday, February 1, 2013

Review of Hot Moon Rising

This book was a free read that I downloaded from B&N to get a feel for what Desiree Holt's writing style was like. I'm the type of reader that like's an excerpt or taste of an author's writing before I'll commit.

First and foremost you need to know going into this read that it isn't a novel, or even a novella. Keeping that in mind, I've rated it based on what it was, a short story. In this short story we're introduced to two interesting characters that I'd love to know more about, which means the story did it's job. There is a bit of chemistry, and admittedly a bit too much background story, i.e. telling for such a short piece of work (which is part of the reason it didn't earn four stars from me). But the hot sex scene more than makes up for it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a good feel for how Ms. Holt writes.

Aside from the telling, I didn't like how Charlie sort of stalks Liane, and there is a short bit about what she does when she's a wolf to him that made me a bit queasy. There isn't bestiality in this, but there is a hint of him being attracted to her as a wolf and her licking him, that I didn't particularly like. These few hangups make me hesitant to try the author's other works, but the sex was hot enough that I may give one of her books a shot to see if the other issues don't follow into her novel-length works.

About Hot Moon Rising:

In Line of Sight, Charlie Aquino had trouble believing his partner, Jesse Farrell, fell in love with a shapeshifter. Now he's drawn to one himself, Liane Cosa, a woman who makes his blood boil, his body hard, and erotic images scream in his brain. One hot night, beneath a full moon, they finally come together, indulging themselves in an orgy of unbridled lust where anything goes. But what will happen when the moon finally sets and daylight creeps up on them?

On B&N and Amazon it is currently free.

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