Monday, February 18, 2013

Review of Waterfall: Dragon's Fate

Despite conflicting reviews, I decided to give Waterfall by Lacy Danes a shot. And I'm glad I did. Overall, I enjoyed the read. Here is my review:

An original concept set in the rich atmosphere of Victorian era England, based on hot men with dragon's blood in their veins, how could I resist? I loved the whole idea behind the premise. The writing is compelling, the characters are interesting, and the sex is smoking hot.

That said, it had a few issues that kept it at only three and a half flames for me. The writing was choppy and confusing in the beginning, forcing me to re-read sentences. I would have liked to have seen either less characters, or the characters that are in it to be developed deeper. There are a few too many that have very little to do with the plot, though I imagine this novella may be a setup for a future full length novel set in the same world. That said, I liked it enough that I would read another novel set in this world. I would recommend it for readers who enjoy fantasy and erotica.

Under absolutely no control of the author, and therefore not her fault at all (poor thing), the novel was formatted horribly and could have used tighter editing. Shame on the publisher. Good formatting isn't hard these days. The flames earned are in no way effected by the formatting issue.

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  1. Formatting can be a nightmare but for a publisher to offer poor editing? Poor thing!