Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Free At Last on Amazon

It took a monumental effort to move the mountain that is Amazon, but I finally got them to list Werewolf Wedding: Maid of Honor (the 5k excerpt of the full novella, Werewolf Wedding) for FREE! You can now download it from Amazon and get a healthy taste of what the full novella is like. I hope you'll give it a try and maybe shout out about it to your friends.

If you love werewolf stories, paranormal, and of course erotica, then this tale may appeal to you. It's scorching on the steam-meter with explicit m/f sex, but with a plot to carry it along.

Here is a ready made tweet if you'd like to help me spread the word:

Werewolf Wedding: Maid of Honor is finally free on Amazon!!! Already free on B&N: 5k #erotic #paranormal

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