Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Review of Bad to the Bone

While on the hunt for a good read I came across Vivi Anna's Bad to the Bone. I had never heard of the author but since this novella was free on B&N and the description was good enough to capture my interest, I decided to give it a shot. I'm glad I did!

From the first page the author digs her fingernails into you with an intriguing story, as Olivia's ambulance crashes and she is kidnapped. Things heat up from there when Olivia feels a deep connection to her kidnapper and starts to realize he isn't quite~normal. The connection between them heats up and the story along with it. I give it a strong three and a half flames and would definitely recommend it. It passed the test: I'm interested enough to buy the next book.

Here is more about the book:

After a terrible accident in the ambulance, EMT Olivia Jordan didn't expect to wake up chained to a bed. The tall dark sexy man holding her prisoner is not what she expected either. But Garrick Blackthorn's not your every day kidnapper, no, there's something extraordinary about him. Something that attracts Olivia. Something dark and secret.

This novel contains explicit sex and some violence.

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