Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: OtherKin Fury by Anya Bast

Today's review is of Otherkin Fury, which I downloaded from B&N when it was free. Here is my review:

This started off strong with a chase scene that had my blood pumping, in more ways than one by the time it was over. I loved that the author threw a cougar into the mix with wolves. That change and the dynamics it caused in the story kept me interested. The sex scenes were hot and plentiful, just the way I like them in my erotic reads.

A few issues kept it at only 3.5 flames for me. There were a lot of grammar mistakes, missing words for the most part. That aside, I would have liked to see the story reveal a little more about the town of Fury. I also would have liked a little more development of the two main characters, perhaps with a bit more story before the action starts. as it was a while before I became drawn into them.

Test results (would I read more by this author): It passes. I've already downloaded the next novel that Ms. Bast offers for free and if it's even better, then I will definitely purchase another book by her.

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