Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Breeding Cycle

This book captured me and wouldn't let go, despite the editing issues that it possessed. It has a unique take on werewolves that I loved, especially from a paranormal erotica reader's point of view. However, parts of this book are a hot mess, and not in the good way~though there certainly is that as well. My biggest pet peeve was the point of view shifts from one character to the other on the same page, and sometimes even in the same paragraph. There are other small editing issues such as repeated words or phrases, missing words, extra words, etc..

So why did I keep reading? The sex was smoking hot and very well written (aside from the above mentioned issues). T.A. has writing talent for certain, and that good writing (despite the issues that could have been hashed out by a good editor) kept me reading. The plot kept me reading as well. I have to admit, I needed to know what happened to these two characters. Which means the author did her job and made me care about them.

It is incredibly rare for me to keep reading a novel with multiple editing issues, which is a huge reason this one deserved a review. That shows the power of the plotting and writing, and the potential of the author.

This book was free at the time of this review. I downloaded a second book by T.A. that was free as well. I will read it to see if the same issues remain in this next book before I decide if I will purchase any of the author's books that are for sale.

This novel contains one masturbation scene and several explicit m/f sex scenes.

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  1. Hi L. VanHorn!

    I have to say that I just loved your review. It's spot on about many things in Breeding Cycle and really expressed how I feel about it personally. This was one of my first stories and suffers from many problems that I must live with. Luckily, I was able to take the criticisms the book received and reshape the rest of the series. Book 2, while still having the same erotic appeal focuses much more heavily on character and plot. It seems so obvious that that's what I should have done to begin with in Breeding Cycle, but I hadn't realized that yet.

    I know the POV shifts drive you mad. They drive me mad when I go back and re-read the story. I don't do the shifts anymore! Breeding Cycle is not my pride and joy but it's been my best learning experience by far and it's thanks to great criticism like yours. Some of the editing issues I don't even know what to do with. I've had two editors, many beta readers, and myself editing this book and still people tell me they are missing words and such. It's frustrating because when I read the book I don't see them, and so I don't know what to do about it.

    I'm crossing my fingers hoping that you downloaded my free novel Chains of Frost. This was the start of a series where I really went for it, so to speak. I would love to hear your opinions on it. Especially in comparison to Breeding Cycle. I've grown much since Breeding Cycle and I think you can see that in Chains of Frost.

    Sorry if I wrote too much, I've never written back to a review like this before. Like I said, you nailed it on the head on how I feel about the story and everything that's wrong with the story. I really appreciate your solid opinions on it.

    Thank you very much.
    -T.A. Grey

    1. Hi T.A., how wonderful of you to drop by! It is the sign of a truly great author who cares what their fans thinks and works to improve and keep them happy. I have already downloaded Chains of Frost and, after reading your wonderful response, I will be purchasing the second book of the Kategan Alphas and look forward to reading it!