Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Otherkin, Tranquility

I liked Anya Basts's writing enough (see the review for Otherkin, Fury)  that I downloaded this, her second free novel, and decided to give it a shot. If it hadn't been free, I wouldn't have purchased it because the first one was in such dire need of editing (grammar errors mostly).

There were still quite a few grammar mistakes in this second novel, which is why it only earned 3.5 flames. As far as the story goes though, I enjoyed it even more than I did the first one. The plot was a bit deeper, which worked to hold my interest without relying on the sexual tension alone. Not to say the sexual tension wasn't present. It certainly was, and it was fantastic, leading to even more fantastic sex.

Did it do its job and make me want to buy her books? Sort of. She has a few books for under $4 that I might take a chance on if I had nothing else to read to see if they are edited better. As for her more expensive works, the lesser expensive ones would have to prove to be edited well before      I invested anything more.

At 85 pages on my Nook with only a few pages of back matter, it was a good short novella length, especially for being free.

Contains one explicit m/f sex scene.

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