Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Larkspur by Anny Cook

I almost didn't review this one because it wasn't quite for me. But, it had some good points so my review is based on those, not on what wasn't for me. There are several books out there by Ellora's Cave (publisher) with this cover because they are part of their Naughty Nooners series. I kind of hate that because it can be hard to tell at first glance what you're getting. So, if you see this cover, be sure to check the title to make sure which one you are getting. At the time of this read and review, Larkspur was free.

Keep in mind while reading this that it is a short story, pretty much meant to be read in one sitting. Hence the series title, Naughty Nooners.

This story is like a porno in a lot of ways, short on the plot and details, and straight to the sex. There is a plot behind this story, it just doesn't go much into it. No time in a Naughty Nooners I guess. If you're looking for stimulation in the sexual sense and not the literary sense, then this might be for you. But be forewarned, the opening scene will disturb some (as it did me) because it deals with sex with a dragon, while one is human and the other is dragon. Mystical beasts are still beasts after all, which makes that a bestiality scene, penetration or no.

However, that first scene allows the dragon to transform into a human and the remainder of the sex scenes are all human/human. So, if that kind of thing doesn't bother you, or if you just want to skip the first scene, and are looking for some hot, quick reading, this might appeal to you. Did it do its job and entice me to read more by this author? No. But, perhaps it will for you.

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